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Articles / Peace through Chaos

The practice of attaining true inner peace through exposure to chaotic music and art.

This concept is still in a gestation period but it follows the line that many already practice; chaotic art exorcises the chaos within the soul leading to feelings of peace and serenity. And possibly tiredness.

These are things I've been exploring personally myself in recent times and while I'm willing to accept that coming off caffeine may have had an effect I do believe that listening to chaotic music calms my spirit without leaving the empty feeling, chafing and stains that excessive masturbation would.

Abrasive art is a Brillo pad for the soul.

The plan is to explore this preliminarily on the Last.fm group and hope build a modern movement that could bring this concept to the masses (you know, those frustrated unhappy National Enquirer readers that only listen to James Blunt or Kanye West? They need our help, and possibly the Fad Gadget back catalogue).

Last.fm Group: Peace through Chaos

This group will be invite only to limit the risk of spammers forcing their tawdry home-studio sub-amateur trash on us, like Alfa Matrix. Existing members may sponsor new members. Spread the world.

Gimmie a shout if you have suggestions or want to help.

Last update: 30th Jan 2008