I like computers. Have done for many, many years. Since I got my first Sinclair ZX Spectrum from dear old Saint Nick, to the late lamented Commodore Amiga, to my collection of hybrid Frankenstein model PCs... and beyond into whatever the future may hold in it's bag of silicon-based goodies.

Now I've got the wrong image in my head.

Anyway. Computers. Great things. What would we do without them? Possibly what we did for all those millennia before we had them. Regardless I've become very used to them and intregued by them. to a large extent I almost feel I trust and understand them better than other humans. Almost. Then they go and do something dumb and I can't fathom what the problem is and I want to rip my hair out and smash them, but still. a computer has never made me want to kill myself. Not yet. If only I could say that about people... :sigh:

Anyway². In this section I will document and catalogue my working computers. Primarily for my own amusement and as an aide memoire so I can remember what bits are where and point here anyone who is curious about my hardware specifications, wants to look over in awe at them... or more likely boggle at the idea that anyone still uses such depricated hardware in such poor condition.

In time I may add more, or document past glories, but for now sit back with a glass of wine and while away the wee small hours exploring my current computer family tree...

- Last update: 29th Mar 2008 -