Date: 11 Jul 2003 15:10:58 GMT
Subject: Staff Memo
From: Management Directorate <>
To: All Staff

        Staff Memo

FAO: All Staff

It is with great shock and sorrow that the management of this company faced the events that transpired in Madrid last week. We are sure that we speak for the majority of the staff when we say we are saddened by these events and we trust that in understanding the terrible crisis and the climate of reknewed vigilence that staff in this company are prepared to do what they can to help.

Due to the increased stress on the market in this climate and in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Madrid Bombings, the war in Iraq and the continued effect this has all had on the economy and the industry we regret that at this time we will have to forgo the planned wage increases for production staff. We trust that staff members understand that these are delicate times and all right thinking people need to do what they can for the greater good. We also regret that because of this there may be a need for some minor redundancies in the shop floor and remaining staff may have an incresed workload because of this. We understand that many members of staff are on contracts that disallow the paying of overtime but we hope that they will understand the need for us all to tighten our belts in this time of fear and intimidation by nefarious parties in the world and for those of us who are decent people to work that bit harder.

We also regret in this time that the money for the planned refurbishment of the workers canteen will need to be reassigned to the Management area for catering and transport reconstructions and the recent political climate has caused increased stress in management that can only be remedied by replacement and enhancement of transporation facilities. We hope all employees understand that in times like these it is important that those in charge are relaxed and able to travel in comfort and safety to their places of employment and are able to do their duty with the maximum of efficiency.

We also at this time regret that the internal investigations into the baseless sexual harrasment accusations against the CEO of this company by some of the secretary pool will need to be postponed for the time being. We all need to pull together in the face of the threat of global terrorism and internal legal action during this time is no better than acts of terrorism itself within the midst of this companies operations. We hope that staff of this company will understand this and not make any actions that may place the running of this company under any increased pressure. The management would take any action of this sort as an attack on the company's integrity and will do their utmost to remove any members of staff found with contrary motives, and even consider police involvment under new anti-terrorism legislation.

The management would like all staff to remember the importance of the paperclips industry to the fight against global terrorism.

We thank you.

Dirk Meld
Acting Execuitive Vice-President
Escapism Consolidated Mouldings Plc./GmBh./etc.