Unless otherwise aknowledged, alle texte bie PRAEst76. Written twixte the years ov our Lorde ninteen hundred and ninety seven ande twenty hundred and eighte.

Alle imagery and photgrapherie (unlesse further statements say else) also bie PRAEst76.

Other arte:

sligobeach.jpg - by dw, manipulated by PRAEst76. © David Mark Wilson.
Some photography stolen from wikipedia and the BBC and (self) righteously buggered with. Many of the photos on my syndicated blogs pages are 'photographer unknown', however it is assumed the subjects know who the original photographer is and if they would like to forward the correct credits I would be more than happy to list them here.

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"Out of key, slightly, just enough to annoy you..."
- 'Empathy With The Devil'
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