A long time ago someone asked me to explain my music tastes. They did it in a threatening confrontational way that was probably intended to start a fight or argument or some strange form of violence-based sexual encounter, but I responded by making them a tape and never seeing them again. Such was the way I used to deal with such encounters and it wasn't until I ran out of blank tapes that I started to become sexually active.

In order to avoid the distasteful prospect of online sex or "Cyber-sex" I took to making "virtual" tapes for people I met, or didn't, on the internet who enquired as to my musical tastes as a prelude to initiating sexual relations of some form. I used to store these "tapes" on this site until they were accidently erased a few years ago while attempting to back them up to prevent accidental erasure.

For the most part their empty "cases" are still kept on display as a melancholic reference to embarrasing old musical tastes and former glories. In the future I may create new ones if there is any reknewed threat of sexual encounters or the old ones may be re-created if I am struck with the threat of sexual encounters while in a period of zero inspiration or indeed if there is any actual desire for them from external sources.

Last update: 29th Mar 2008