Welcome to the website of PRAEst76. This site has been about and performing not much of a service other than giving headaches to the online comminity since 1997.

This is the one place to go on the web for the most up-to-date and official propaganda on PRAEst76 and related subjects... whatever they may be. For information of anything else (and most real useful and accurate information on PRAEst76) you had best fuck off elsewhere.

This place is currently undergoing it's traditional bi-yearly revamp and various bits have been removed, replaced, recycled, reupholstered, restocked and restuffed. As such some parts are broken, some parts are missing and some parts have been taken out and burnt for legal or health and safety reasons. Apologies if you liked some of these bits. Maybe I'll redo them if anyone asks nicely enough.

For now, enjoy the bits that actually go anywhere or look like they have some semblence of a purpose.

- Last update: 29th Mar 2008 -