As of August 2006 this is a new re-vamped version of my old recipes page. I don't really know where TheOpenSource is going so I've decided to stop using it and create a new recipe section with my own layout and atom feed (look mother... there's a little orange square in the corner... what does it mean?) for a hopefully more future proof and controllable situation. Maybe I'll add some sort of search facility too. Once I figure out how.

Many of these recepies contain "meat". I try to be as ambiguous as possible on this substance so people can replace "meat" with their flesh of choice. Obviously this means you can feel free to replace the whole concept of animal flesh with a vegetarian substitute such as soya protein or tofu or quorn or monster mushrooms or whathaveyou if you so desire. It's also quite easy to replace egg with egg substitute or "milk" with soya, rice, almond or oat "milks".

Most dishes can be easily be made vegan with just a bit of intelligence, common sense and imagination.

Anyhow... on with the show...

Last update: 29th Mar 2008