This is what we know about the weathermen:

chuck jimmy-joe

The Weathermen are Jimmy-Joe Snark III and Chuck B. these may or may not be their real names.

The Weathermen threatened to put illegal substances into the global water supplies, but abandoned this plot after they found most governments and industries had done that already.

They sometimes release records. This happens between breaks of between a year and a decade. What they do in the interim periods is uncertain. it may be deviant. or it might just be a lot of daytime tv.

Contrary to popular belief the weathermen are not a urban gangsta hip-hop collective from the US east coast.

The weathermen dispute the story about the gerbils and claim the rumours are unfounded. We didn't even ask.

Apparently the belgian government had plans to send the weathermen into space as goodwill ambassadors to visting alien races but decided to send jean-claude van damme instead as he was cheaper.

the weathermen know which way the wind blows. they keep the secret in a huge golden envelope and will sell it for a billion dollars.

to cover his high legal costs and make up for the loss in revenue incurred during his trial michael jackson was forced to sell one of his prized acquisitions, the brain of richard nixon, to the weathermen. they are currently working on a way to give the disembodied ex-president a new body so he can play drums for them on tour. currently his jar is wired up to an old simmons drum machine. with a similar setup the sisters of mercy have had anthony eden playing their drums on tour for over twenty years. it is said that by the year 2012 most bands will feature deceased former heads of state playing drums and any bands who don't will suffer critically and commercially. the weathermen claim to have always been ahead of the game innovation-wise.

During the year 1990 the weathermen were the only band in the global alternative electronic/ebm scene that wasn't just Bill Leeb in wig.

Famous american action hero Chuck Norris has no connection to The Weathermen whatsoever.