weathermen related files and downloads. not much here at the moment. do you have any? contact me if you wish me to host them.


rare and unreleased weathermen songs and curios.

lash it (scan me instrumental)

version of a track from the forthcoming album 'embedded with the weathermen'.

remix kits

prior to the release of 'deeper with the weathermen' the track 'daytime tv' was released to the general public™ along with bits™ with which to create your own remixes. a few fan-made remixes have subsequently appeared but there is room for more as daytime tv has yet to become as overmixed as poison or front 242's headhunter. you will know when it's been overmixed as announcements of new mixes will be met in the fanbases with moaning, wailing and general teeth gnashery. and probably swearing too. and the usual bitter cynicism you get from generation x'ers with broadband internet access and too much free time.

daytime tv remix kit