the official weathermen site, maintained by jimmy joe snark iii himself.

the official weathermen presence on myspace, the internet's closest living equivalent to soho at 1am on a sunday morning.

the official weathermen presence on facebook, kinda like MySpace only less sleazy.


we rock like crazy

record company responsible for the release of the daytime tv remix ep.

fire!zone records

german record company that released 'deeper'.

urgences disques

swiss label that released 'deeper'.

coach and 6...

distributors of dying in style fanzine, who gave away the 'in deep with th weathermen' cute 3" ep with their december 2003 issue.

[p i a s] music first

the weathermens old record company. changed a lot since their early days. some folks might say they are more 'profit first' nowadays. but not i, because i don't want to get sued.


full weathermen profile on stephane werquins music pages.



A group to unite all Weatherheads on MySpace; the internet's most seedy website.

The Weathermen page on sign up and download a plugin for your favourite media player then help create a listening profile so corporate types can know what you listen to market towards you accordingly... or at least that's the cynical view. see what other weathermen fans listen to.


The Weathermen fan base on the Frappr map site.


This has been the main official hub for Weathermen activity over the last few years.


Facebook gathering place for Weatherheads.



comprehensive weathermen discography on


weathermen discography on musicbrainz.

music database

the weathermen on ed klien's music database



weathermen page on wikipedia.


weathermen profile on the belgian rock and pop archives.

Weathermen page on the website of one of the uks most famous alternative music fanzines.


a very sparse space filler profile from artist direct. if you aren't on mtv at least once an hour, every hour, they don't care.


The Weathermen profile on Sadly due to's inability to differentiate between groups with the same name this profile is attached to about half a dozen groups called 'The Weathermen'. Go there and support ours. Join the group above.


music non stop

buy weathermen stuff at the uk's leading alternative music store. Sadly, MusicNonStop has now closed up shop.

f l e x x

you can buy the 'daytime tv' ep from these people.

...or these people...


...or these...

weathermen on ebay

probably the best source for the weathermens back catalogue.

cd baby

try and buy 'deeper' via homebrew artists favourites cdbaby. these people are a bit mad. but allegedly in a pleasant and harmless way that doesn't require constant supervision or experimental medication.


Legally purchase some of the weathermen back catalogue for download from


The Weathermen page on the (in)famous You can get full albums here for very very cheap. They do it by using legal loopholes in the law in their country to rip off the artist. In the case of other such gray-market stores what little you do pay for your music possibly goes into the coffers of mobsters and terrorists. Regardless of where it goes you can be sure that virtually none of it goes to the artist (I think the loophole is such that they pay royalties for the sale of just one physical album, no matter how many virtual albums they actually sell. So the artist , or more likely their record company, will see perhaps €2 or €3. If they are lucky. In the case of the weathermen, considering their relationship with pias it's unlikely they will see any royalties from allofmp3 sales. PIAS may earn enough money to buy a cup of coffee and a crossiant.)

If you want to support the artist then do it properly. Common sense rules at the end of the day. You can pay a bit more and get a hard copy with money going to the artist, or you can buy on the grey market, get it dirt cheap and fund no-one but scammers and gangsters.

it's your choice.


over their career the weathermen have had associations with many other groups in various capacities, here is a list of some of them:

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front 242


jules et jim




this fish needs a bike

other bands

here follows a list of other bands you may like.

and one

clock dva

fad gadget


portion control

severed heads

throbbing gristle

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