Apart from The Weathermens glorious albums which you can buy from all good record stores, there have been a few other items of Weathermen Merchandise:


The limited edition Poison T-shirt has since sold out. Perhaps if there is demand more or alternatives might be produced in future. IF THERE IS DEMAND. Email your local Weathermen reprisentitive with any demands.


Weathermen Branded chutney was a 2006 April Fools joke exclusive to this site. There is no Weathermen Chutney. Stop sending requests for Weathermen Brand Chutney.

At some point in the future there may be more official Weathermen merchandise. Like weathermen™ coasters. And lava lamps. And chopsticks. And guitar picks. And Action Figues. And pez despensers. And garden tools. And monkey pants. And possibly whatever crap they sell from CafePress™.

If you want more start one of those internet petitions. Normally they are a complete waste of time but in this case they just might work.

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