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New 12" out now!

 The Long awaited remixes 12" is now available in better record stores. Buy your copy now. Buy one for your gran!

Five pieces of sonic arse kicking on traditional circular vinyl gramaphone disc in a really groovy picture sleeve.

  1. Talkin Feet (Markus Lange Remix)
  2. Surveillance Star (Dry F*** Mix)
  3. Deeper (Napsugar Remix)
  4. Zeitgeist (Surveillance Star Slowed Down Punch It Up version)
  5. Daytime TV (The Gee, No, Four More Fucking Years! Remix)

Out now on We Rock Like Crazy (wrlc5)
(I got mine from who will happily ship overseas.)


posted by PRAEst76
Friday, May 27, 2005
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