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Embedded with The Weathermen out now

 Finally, the brand new The Weathermen album Embedded with The Weathermen is out now on Fire!Zone Records and Urgences Discs and is available from better record stores, including CDBaby. The album contains ten new songs of social commentary, wit and lunacy held together with funky electro beats, sinister industrial noises and smooth loin-stirring jazzy rhythms. The enhanced CD also contains, as a bonus, the original videos for The Weathermen 1980s classics: Poison! & Bang!.

The full tracklisting for the CD is :

  1. I'm Tight

  2. Transit

  3. Shadow Diary

  4. Ice Cream Truck

  5. I, Lizard

  6. Years of the Snake

  7. Scan Me

  8. Fruits and Vegetables

  9. Dear God

  10. Who Killed Who

See for more information and/or see the page in the weatherstation discography here.

Buy Embedded with The Weathermen on CDBaby... NOW!


posted by PRAEst76
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
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