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Finally: The Last Communique?

 According to The Weathermen's new blog, PIAS are finally to release The Last Communique compilation at the start of the new year. We take back all the bad things about their mothers (though they'll be kept in storage in case they pull a sly one). Whether it'll be the same version of the album that The Weathermen have been letting people download from their website for the past few years or a re-jigger-ed version remains to be seen. However now those of you who are allergic to digital downloads will be able to buy a hard copy... plus all of you who felt great guilt for getting so much great music for free can redeem yourselves in the eyes of your god/goat/granny and buy a copy too.

...And so can the rest of you, because you know they deserve it.

Prior to that however will be the long awaited release of the Embedded remix EP, Dear God. It'll be out in December finally on We Rock Like Crazy on funky vinyl and shiny mp3. Possibly also on iTunes. Sure everything is nowadays...


posted by PRAEst76
Saturday, October 21, 2006
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