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Dear God...

 Sadly it seems that indie vinyl merchants We Rock Like Crazy have had to shut up shop, mainly due to the lack of interest in indie vinyl (major label abuse is "in" this season. Bling bling. "I want my mp3" as Dire Straits would have sang if they'd released that song now and weren't elderly and stuff).

This means of course that the promised Weathermen Dear God remix 12" won't now see the light of day.

Or will it? Seemingly they have some white-labels in stock which they are happy to sell to the public.

Contact for more information.

There has also been talk of digital releases so hopefully this great 12" will see public consumption in another form before long.

Keep watching the skies... but not while walking through traffic.


posted by PRAEst76
Sunday, February 04, 2007
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