News Feed Readers

A news-feed reader, feader (a name I made up, probably) or news aggregator will download the latest news and information from subscribed sources. see this article on wikipedia for more information. Generally these sources will supply an rss or atom "feed" that includes text, or at least details about the most recently published blogs, journal, articles or whatever on the site. Sometimes they can also contain links to audio or video content. This is often known as a podcast.

The following software is reccomended to receive automatic updates via news feeds:

Google Reader - is one of the most popular methods for subscribing and organising news feeds. As it is web-based it is largely system independant and requires no software to be installed. Other than a web browser of course. Which you already have considering you are reading this. Does require a google account however, which might not be an option for those of you wearing tin-foil hats.

mozilla thunderbird - on all the major computer platforms will do the job adequately. Delivering news feeds to you like emails.

akregator - for linux, which is now part of the kde kontact suite does the job very well from personal experience.

For more examples see this page, also on wikipedia. we love wikipedia so we do.

Of course if anyone has any more suggestions for suggestions then please suggest them.