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Weathermen take over MySpace

...or a little corner of it at least.

Despite MySpace being at best; a bit crap and at worse; the very website of Satan himself, it seems to have become the place to get noticed and subsequently many bands who really should know better have felt forced to set up shop there. The Weathermen are no exception.

Currently on offer, as well as a few full length clips of Weathermen classics, is an exclusive track off the new album.

So if you have a MySpace account, and we know you do, head on over to and add them to your friends list so you can pretend you know them and have them round for drinks on Saturday nights instead of sitting at home alone on MySpace looking at the pretty people and switching between pleasuring yourself through your ramen stained unwashed pyjamas and sobbing uncontrollably wishing you had never heard of MySpace and taken this terrible turn in your life.


posted by PRAEst76
Friday, February 10, 2006
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Embedded... on it's way to the presses

JJS announced on the official mailing list today that the latest Weathermen missive has secretly been bicycled off to the underground presses and will commence distribution to the tired and huddled masses at the end of February.

He also uploaded a sneak peak of the albums coverart to the forum file section.

...and no, you don't have concussion. It's supposed to look like that.


posted by PRAEst76
Friday, January 27, 2006
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