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Dear God on iTunes

The Weathermen's latest release, the ultra rare white lable remix EP featuring mixes from Embedded by Jenny.exe, File not Found, This Fish Needs A Bike, Rotersand and Front 242's Daniel B, is now available to purchase from the now-DRM free iTunes.

Go buy it now. You know you want to. All the cool kids have got a copy...

Cover Art
Dear God - EP
The Weathermen


Release Date: 18 Feb 2008
Genre: Electronic
℗ 2008 We Rock Like Crazy


posted by PRAEst76
Monday, March 24, 2008
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Dear God...

 Sadly it seems that indie vinyl merchants We Rock Like Crazy have had to shut up shop, mainly due to the lack of interest in indie vinyl (major label abuse is "in" this season. Bling bling. "I want my mp3" as Dire Straits would have sang if they'd released that song now and weren't elderly and stuff).

This means of course that the promised Weathermen Dear God remix 12" won't now see the light of day.

Or will it? Seemingly they have some white-labels in stock which they are happy to sell to the public.

Contact for more information.

There has also been talk of digital releases so hopefully this great 12" will see public consumption in another form before long.

Keep watching the skies... but not while walking through traffic.


posted by PRAEst76
Sunday, February 04, 2007
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Finally: The Last Communique?

 According to The Weathermen's new blog, PIAS are finally to release The Last Communique compilation at the start of the new year. We take back all the bad things about their mothers (though they'll be kept in storage in case they pull a sly one). Whether it'll be the same version of the album that The Weathermen have been letting people download from their website for the past few years or a re-jigger-ed version remains to be seen. However now those of you who are allergic to digital downloads will be able to buy a hard copy... plus all of you who felt great guilt for getting so much great music for free can redeem yourselves in the eyes of your god/goat/granny and buy a copy too.

...And so can the rest of you, because you know they deserve it.

Prior to that however will be the long awaited release of the Embedded remix EP, Dear God. It'll be out in December finally on We Rock Like Crazy on funky vinyl and shiny mp3. Possibly also on iTunes. Sure everything is nowadays...


posted by PRAEst76
Saturday, October 21, 2006
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Embedded with The Weathermen out now

 Finally, the brand new The Weathermen album Embedded with The Weathermen is out now on Fire!Zone Records and Urgences Discs and is available from better record stores, including CDBaby. The album contains ten new songs of social commentary, wit and lunacy held together with funky electro beats, sinister industrial noises and smooth loin-stirring jazzy rhythms. The enhanced CD also contains, as a bonus, the original videos for The Weathermen 1980s classics: Poison! & Bang!.

The full tracklisting for the CD is :

  1. I'm Tight

  2. Transit

  3. Shadow Diary

  4. Ice Cream Truck

  5. I, Lizard

  6. Years of the Snake

  7. Scan Me

  8. Fruits and Vegetables

  9. Dear God

  10. Who Killed Who

See for more information and/or see the page in the weatherstation discography here.

Buy Embedded with The Weathermen on CDBaby... NOW!


posted by PRAEst76
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
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Daytime TV ep on digital download

 For all those poor souls who don't own a turntable or record player and feels they missed out on the excellent Daytime TV 12" remix ep, We Rock Like Crazy have made it available as a digital download via Juno Records in the UK. All the tracks from the EP are available in traditional non-drm mp3 at 192k and 320k quality along with the groovy artwork for download that you can print out. Prices are comparable to iTunes at £0.79/£0.99 per track with the whole five track ep for £2.99/£3.99.

See Juno's catalogue page for Daytime TV for purchase options or for more details and audio previews.


posted by PRAEst76
Monday, February 20, 2006
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Dear God

 We Rock Like Crazy have announce another 12" remix ep. This time precceding the new Weathermen album 'Embedded with the Weathermen' will come the Dear God ep. Featuring mixes of Dear God and other tracks from the forthcoming LP by Rotersand, This Fish Needs a Bike, Jenny.exe, File not Found and Prothese (the longtime solo project of Daniel B. from Front 242).

The actual release date hasn't been announced yet but it'll likely be at the start of 2006, unless they rush it out for punters at BIMFest later this month.

More information on We Rock Like Crazys forthcoming releases page.


posted by PRAEst76
Thursday, December 01, 2005
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New 12" out now!

 The Long awaited remixes 12" is now available in better record stores. Buy your copy now. Buy one for your gran!

Five pieces of sonic arse kicking on traditional circular vinyl gramaphone disc in a really groovy picture sleeve.

  1. Talkin Feet (Markus Lange Remix)
  2. Surveillance Star (Dry F*** Mix)
  3. Deeper (Napsugar Remix)
  4. Zeitgeist (Surveillance Star Slowed Down Punch It Up version)
  5. Daytime TV (The Gee, No, Four More Fucking Years! Remix)

Out now on We Rock Like Crazy (wrlc5)
(I got mine from who will happily ship overseas.)


posted by PRAEst76
Friday, May 27, 2005
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