The weatherheads are the worldwide fraternity of weathermen fanatics, appreciators, enthusiasts and weirdos. for an example of how worldwide they are see the map below.

Mailing List

The Weatherheads mainly gather on the offical mailing list which can be found on yahoo! use the magic widget below to join. your email address will only be used to send you weatherhead ramblings, official news and secretive plots. the only spam you will receive is from the weathermen and their spam is the best spam.

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the weatherheads also congregate on to expose their musical tastes and obsessions. weatherheads group - needs more members to bulk up the 'real' weathermen fans against the fans of the nasty rap collective.

Group Radio - requires the player installed and people to chose what tracks they like and don't like while playing to tailor the group (and especially limit the amount of rap that comes up).


This map is powered by google and frappr. it is a nice map. some areas of the world currently do not have adaquate weathermen coverage. more help is needed.